LABTrack is the Electronic Laboratory Notebook that addresses the needs of all scientific disciplines and all types of laboratories. It is the one software program that can bring together all of your organization's research, development and production laboratory data.

Industry Examples of LABTrack

Tech Talk: Implementing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) System - A Case Study

LABTrack v4.0


LABTrack offers state of the art software for laboratory data management and professional services worldwide

LABTrack is Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) - Designed to replace paper notebooks for Research, Analytical and Production laboratories. LABTrack meets all of the legal, regulatory and typical corporate requirements for maintaining laboratory notebooks

LABTrack is Designed For All Scientists

  • True Thin Client Application - runs in browsers (IE,Firefox,Safari)

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

  • Easy to learn and very flexible Word Processor design

  • Can store any type of file (ex. images, spectra, chromatograms, drawings, spreadsheets, Word docs, etc)

  • Unlimited number of users can share notebooks and files concurrently

  • Search on data on notebook pages, embedded files and in templates

LABTrack Designed For All Types Of Laboratories

  • Research, Production, Quality Control, Universities, Manufacturing, Testing, Government

  • Pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, chemicals, food & fragrances, CRO and analytical testing

  • Free-From Data Entry offers maximum flexibility (perfect for researchers)

  • Store SOPs, protocols and specifications or link to external documents

  • Integrate with LIMS, ERP, Inventory, MSDS, Chemistry Cartridges and Protocol Management Systems



Why Buy an ELN - The Original Electronic Lab Notebook TM?

Here are 5 good reasons to purchase LABTrack:

1. Improve Productivity

A recent independent university study shows that even in a research only environment significant productivity gains can be achieved by implementing LABTrack. The Indiana University/Purdue University study showed a 15% productivity improvement in the university pharmaceutical research lab studied. The laboratory workers studied actually spent less time at computers documenting their work and more time at the bench doing science.

A 15% productivity gain is very significant. And we believe even greater gains can be achieved in production, quality control and analytical testing laboratories since the work in these labs are more procedural driven and routine.

2. Improve Communications

Communications within an organization involving lab notebook data (such as witnessing approving, sharing results with other researchers and customers - both inside and out of the organization - and disseminating the knowledge of an out of spec result, an out of process condition or simply that the experiment is done to the appropriate person) can be speeded up and improved by LABTrack..

We like to say that with LABTrack "there is no more chasing down people and chasing down paper work. It is all at your finger tips. Each LABTrack user has access to the information they need when they need it."

Automating communications is easy with LABTrack's Subscription function. You can easily create subscriptions that will automatically send emails to the people who need to know - automatically.

3. Improve the Science

Imagine being able to quickly search and find results from experiments or procedures done weeks or even years ago. Has someone done something similar? What method did they follow? What results were generated? If it was stored in a LABTrack notebook these types of searches are easy to do. Even if that researcher no longer works for your organization - or the person is out of the laboratory. You can have the information that you need when you need it.

We believe that being able to perform searches on knowledge within your organization can only help improve the science in your laboratory. Consider for a moment all of the times that you had the feeling that someone in your organization probably had some relavent information - but you had no choice but to continue working "blind" since you didn't have access to that information.

4. Help Ensure Compliance - Regulatory and Legal

If you work in a GMP, GCP or GLP environment - following regulations is very important. Proper signing, dating, witnessing and approval are critical to meeting federal and state regulations. LABTrack's built in functions address these rules including 21 CFR Part 11 and predicate rules.

If you work in a research environment complying with legal requirements for documenting and protecting intellectual property is very important. Again the rules that ensure that your ideas can be patented and defended if necessary are built into the software.

LABTrack is designed to enforce the rules needed to meet these requirements. And the data stored in LABTrack's database is hash encoded to ensure that it will stand up in a court of law. LABTrack uses the same hashing technology that many police agencies use (such as the FBI) to prove the authenticity and accuracy of electronic evidence. Hashing has been accepted in the US courts for over 30 years and has never been rejected as a protection technique*

5. Get a very quick Return on Investment

Implementing a LABTrack system can provide a Return on Investment (ROI) in just a few short months. We have calculated that the ROI for a 10 user LABTrack Team edition can be less than 5 months! And the larger the organization the greater the savings and increase in productivity that can be achieved.

Features and Benefits


LABTrack is Designed For Collaboration And Data Management

  • Better Knowledge Retention - LABTrack stores all of your data so you can search and find it even many years later

  • Many users can collaborate and share notebooks pages and files in real time

  • Built-in email for users to communicate with each other quickly and easily

  • Provides searching function and supports third party reporting and data mining tools

  • LABTrack is a truly powerful Knowledge Management Platforms for scientists

LABTrack is Designed For Portability, Security And Data Longevity

  • LABTrack stores its notebook pages in xHTML format (HTML & XML) to ensure legibility for decades to come

  • LABTrack's notebook pages are compatible with many browsers and word processors

  • Notebooks are assessible from any computer on your network

  • Compatible with Ultra Mobiles, Tablet PCs, Laptops, Desktops, both Mac OS and Windows

  • Built-in automatic DB Hashing and Security Protections (Automatic Hacker Detection) for use as legal evidence

  • LABTrack supports both Off-line and On-line editing of notebooks

Legal And Regulatory Compliance

  • Supports cGMP, GLP, GCP, GALP compliance.

  • Built-in 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Signature) functionality.

  • Meets Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) and Civil Procedures (FRCP) requirements.

  • Meets the requirements of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • ELNSafe option provides a robust, secure and always available tool to validate notebook page content, authors and date/time stamps.


Industry Examples of LABTrack

Tech Talk: Implementing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) System - A Case Study

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