Why Hearne

Hearne Software is a major distributor of technical software in Australia and New Zealand.

We distribute, support and provide custom training in the worlds' leading technical software titles with expertise in statistics, engineering, mathematics, graphing, data analysis and risk management. Our consulting services include expertise in data visualisation, automating data entry processes and modelling risk....


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Training & Events

Mathcad Basic and Intermediate Techniques -

This is a hands-on, in-depth introductory course for the novice or intermediate user. It introduces the fundamentals of Mathcad, including its uni... Register for June & July 2014 Training


Crystal Ball Essentials -

Through hands-on instruction and real-world case studies, Crystal Ball Essentials will teach you the basics of Monte Carlo simulation, tornado analysis, how to develop Crystal Ball models, how to gain insights from simulation results and the best ways to present your findings to peers, management or clients. Register for June & July 2014 Training


Mathematica: A First Course -

Provides hands-on experience with all the basic features of Mathematica 9 as well as a comprehensive foundation for more advanced work in solving applications and developing software solutions.


Origin Basic and Intermediate Public Training -

This one day course introduces you to some basic and also more advanced topics such as advanced data analysis, and automating repetitive tasks.


Residential Building Thermal Performance Assessment (Short Course) -

This course is for existing assessors who wish to undertake training in AccuRate Sustainability. This course is delivered by ABSA...


Software News

Grapher 11 Released


Complex Graphing Made Easy!

Top Grapher 11 new features are new plot types (ternary class, doughnut, 3D doughnut, polar vector), Linked axes, Improved error bars, Enhanced class plots, Plus many more...

Mathematica 10 Released


Mathematica 10 is now available with over 700 new functions--the single biggest jump in new functionality in the software's entire history--Mathematica 10 is the first version of Mathematica based on the complete Wolfram Language. Integration with the Wolfram Cloud and access...

Origin 9.1 Now Available


Origin 9.1 is now available. There has been over 200 new features and improvements added to version.

Key New and Improved Features in Origin and OriginPro 9.1 are...

Mathcad Prime 3.0 Released


Mathcad Prime 3.0 has significantly improved its calculation capability to allow bigger problems to be solved, faster. With hundreds of built-in...

KaleidaGraph 4.5 released


KaleidaGraph 4.5 has been released. View the full list of the new features here.