LightningChart Ultimate is the fastest chart library, in the world. It is especially designed for professional data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific research, medical and other real-time measurement and signal monitoring applications. Being optimized for high-speed sampled signal data handling with innovative CPU overhead saving techniques, it is able to handle huge data sets, where all other chart/graph controls get delayed, frozen or crashed.

Plotting data with point-line series, Visual Studio 2010, C#, WPF

How to use LightningChart in WPF and how to use PointLineSeries series to plot variable interval data.

LightningChart Ultimate

LightningChart Ultimate is the fastest 2D and 3D measurement, engineering and research data visualization SDK for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Ultimate is entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D graph view, 3D view and polar views. LightningChart Ultimate SDK comes with auxliary components for developing state-of-the-art software.

New Features (Version 3.0)

  • AreaSeries added for ViewXY

  • HighLowSeries added for ViewXY

  • PolygonSeries added for ViewXY

  • IntensityGridSeries added for ViewXY, with contours

  • IntensityMeshSeries added for ViewXY, with contours

  • Maps added for ViewXY. Plenty of maps around the world, with multi-layer support for land, lakes, rivers, roads and cities.

  • G.I.S. coordinate axes for ViewXY and View3D

  • Advanced logarithmic axes for ViewXY and View3D. Now also with support for values < 1.

  • Custom axis ticks for ViewXY and View3D

  • ViewPie3D added for presenting Pie and Donut charts

  • Faster chart resizing

  • Copy to clipboard

  • Mouse wheel zoom added for ViewXY

  • MouseOverHighlight style selection for several series and objects

  • High-contrast shadow added for texts

  • Date axes added for ViewXY and View3D

  • 3D objects import from DirectX format (*.x) into View3D

  • SaveToCSV method added for all series. Exports data in Comma Separated Values format.

  • Setup project template for automatic SlimDX deployment for the target computer

  • Components install into toolbox by the setup wizard

  • Dozens of new examples

  • Builds for .NET2 and .NET4

More Features

LightningChart Ultimate


  • High performance 2D and 3D data visualization control

  • View types: XY, 3D and Polar

  • Comprehensive user interface customization: Fonts, alpha colors, line styles, point styles, bitmaps, fills, blinking effects, anti-aliased lines

  • Print with preview

  • Customizable scrollbars with 64-bit value range

  • Overlay labels for displaying annotations, borders or bitmaps anywhere on the screen.

  • Categorizable and customizable legend boxes, with series show/hide function

XY View

  • Draws huge amounts of measured data as graphs in real-time, very smoothly, up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.

  • High refresh rate even with heavy load

  • Series types: Sampled data (discrete signal), point-line, free-form line, stocks, bars, bands, constant lines

  • Unlimited series count

  • Full 64-bit support. Utilizes over 2 GB memory (in 64-bit systems).

  • Line series can be drawn as scatter or line, or as combination of both

  • Bar series can be shown in normal, stacked and stretched to stack sum styles.

  • Stock series shows data in high-detail candle-stick format, with data statistics resolve by mouse.

  • Automatic removal of out-scrolled data, as needed

  • Built-in series tracking cursors. Data value resolve possibility.

  • Series and chart event marker indicators. Markers can track series when moved by mouse and resolve the data value.

  • Unlimited Y axes count/chart: stacked or layered

  • Different X axis real-time monitoring scrolling modes: Scrolling, sweeping, stepping, oscilloscope style level - triggered.

  • Linear/Logarithmic X and Y axes

  • Automatic scale fitting, grids and divisions

  • Miniature scale symbols, alternative for space reserving axes and their scales

  • Fast scale setting with mouse

  • Versatile Zoom and Pan operations

3D View

  • Series types: surface grid, surface mesh, Waterfall, point-line, bars

  • Unlimited series count

  • Primary and secondary X, Y and Z axis

  • Axes support customizable positioning, alignment, division settings, linear/logarithmic scale, number formats

  • Walls: Top, bottom, left, right, back, front. Walls can be automatically hidden if it blocks camera view.

  • Axis scale grids and strips can be shown in selected walls

  • Lighting: Directional and point of lights, with adjustable position, direction, attenuation and coloring.

  • Camera: Perspective and orthographic, freely movable in 3D space

  • Surface grid series: rectangular shaped surface series. Optimized data adding with scrolling.

  • Surface mesh series: freely shapes surface series

  • Waterfall series: shows collated area strips, with optional bending

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall series fills: None, FromSurfacePoints, Paletted, Toned

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall series wire-framing styles: None, Wireframe, WireFramePaletted, WireframeSourcePointColored, Dots, DotsPaletted, DotsSourcePointColored. Wireframe line properties are configurable. Wireframe can shifted by selected offset value. Wireframe can be drawn through the filling.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall series contour line styles: None, FastColorZones, FastPalettedZones, ColorLine, PalettedLine. Line properties are configurable.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall palettes: Allows series coloring to change according to height value, in gradient or solid color steps.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall optimization: Static data for large surfaces and Dynamic data for rapidly updated surface data.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall fade-away: Makes the series gradiently transparent towards back. Effect strength selectable from 0 to 100%.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall support mouse tracking, with cell number and height data resolve.

  • Surface grid, mesh and waterfall lighting: Gouraud, Phong, smooth and flat shading. Lighting can be suppressed from surface series.

  • Bar series shapes: Simple rectangular, Cylinder, RoundedCylinder, Cone, ReversedCone, Pyramid, ReversedPyramid, Ellpsoid, Beveled, with adjustable corner rounding

  • Bar layouts: Stacked indexed, Stacked by X value, Stacked Stretched to sum, Indexed, Indexed, By X value, Manhattan

  • Point line series: Real 3D point-line series with X,Y,Z values for each point. Showing just points is possible and also just line. Selectable point shapes, rotation and line styles.

  • 3D view zoom, pan and rotation with mouse

  • Material attributes for all 3D objects: Diffuse color, specular color, specular power, emissive color, ambient color

Polar View

  • Series types for Polar view: area, point-line, sectors

  • Unlimited axis count for amplitude and angular values

  • Axes angular units: Degrees, Radians, Gradians

  • Amplitude grids

  • Amplitude range adjustable, with inner circle radius, and minimum and maximum scale values

  • Axes can be rotated and scaled with mouse

  • Point line series with adjustable point styles and line styles

  • Area series with adjustable fill, point styles and line styles

  • Sectors with adjustable amplitude and angular range.

  • Sectors can be moved with mouse

  • Markers with text and symbol. Markers can be moved with mouse.

SignalGenerator component

  • Many waveform components available : Sine, Triangle, Square and Random noise

  • Unlimited count of waveform components can be summed as one output.

  • Amplitude / frequency / delay / symmetry parameters for waveform components

  • Sampling frequency adjust

  • Range adjust

  • Several signal generators can be combined as one, synchronized multi-channel output via Master-Slave relationship.

  • Built-in user interface

ChartManager component

  • Allows series drag-drop between charts

  • Smoothly frees garbage collector data

SignalReader component

  • Reads signal files and generates real-time data stream to be forwarded for example to SampleDataSeries of LightningChart.

  • Supported formats: WAV (PCM), sid (biosignal file), ssd (LightningChart Demo application sample data format)

  • Supplies event marker info in certain formats

  • Looping playback option


Plotting data with point-line series, Visual Studio 2008, C#

This document describes how to use LightningChart PointLineSeries series to plot variable interval data.

Plotting data with point-line series, Visual Studio 2010, C#, WPF

This document describes how to use LightningChart in WPF and how to use PointLineSeries series to plot variable interval data.

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This document describes how to use LightningChart SampleDataSeries series to plot fixed interval data. The data is generated with SignalGenerator component on the fly.

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