AutoCAD is one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD design tools allowing you to design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features. Maximize productivity by using powerful tools for connecting and streamlining your design, aggregation and documentation workflows. AutoCAD allows you to work natively on your platform of choice - available on Windows and Mac OS.

SSOE Group Uses AutoCAD to Innovate and Design Workflows

M. LaBell and S. Kassab of SSOE Group discuss how AutoCAD is used to combine multiple files and file types into one design.

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AutoCAD LT 2015


AutoCAD LT software simplifies daily tasks with full DWG native file format compatibility, annotation scaling, layer properties per viewport, text and table enhancements and multiple leaders. Couple these enhancements with existing features like Dynamic Blocks and layer express tools, and your job just keeps getting better. 


Simplify your technology upgrades and boost your design productivity with an Autodesk Support Subscription. An Autodesk Subscription is a complete software, support and training package from Autodesk.

With Autodesk Subscription you get the latest releases of your Autodesk software, incremental product enhancements, personalised web support direct from Autodesk technical experts and self-paced training to help extend your skills. And with access to a range of exclusive community resources and members-only privileges, you can use the power of your design tools to the fullest and make the most of your technology investment.

Top 10 benefits of Autodesk Subscription

  • Predictable Budgeting
    Autodesk Subscription helps make your technology budgeting easy and pain-free. The Subscription fee is paid annually, or if you prefer, you can pre-pay for two or three years with a multi-year contract. That means improved cash forecasting; and you may be able to include subscription fees in project estimates and billing.

  • Flexible Use of Previous Versions
    Only subscription customers are entitled to legally continue using previous versions of purchased software licenses even after installing an upgrade of the same product. Now, when it matters most, you can minimise disruptions that often come when installing and implementing new software.

  • Technology Upgrades
    With Autodesk Subscription you will receive any upgrades or technology enhancements that become available for your products during the term of your contract. An upgrade is a commercial release of the software that enhances or improves the software and for which Autodesk normally charges a fee. For some products, upgrades are available by download.

  • Web Support
    Web support, direct from Autodesk, provides fast, complete answers to technical questions to help you get more from your investment in Autodesk software. Interactive contact with Autodesk product experts right at the desktop can improve your productivity and help avoid expensive downtime. You also have the option to keep your reseller automatically informed of your support requests and resolution that were provided to you by Autodesk. And you don't need to keep track of support records and email trails. Autodesk does that for you.

  • e-Learning
    e-Learning consists of self-paced, interactive lessons for many Autodesk products. Each lesson is 15-30 minutes in length and lessons are organised into product catalogues. The lessons feature hands-on exercises, with an option to utilise a simulation instead of the software application. Users also have the ability to take built-in assessments to identify skills gaps.

  • Flexible Purchasing Options
    Autodesk products can be purchased with subscription on an annual basis, or for a term of two or three years where discounts may apply. New licenses can be added to subscription at any time and on multi-year agreements. Subscription fees are price-protected for the term of the contract.

  • Simplified Software Management
    Autodesk Subscription simplifies your software management from purchase to installation. Contract Managers and Software Coordinators administer your contract in a centralised way by managing licenses, e-Learning, and web support.

  • Community Access
    Autodesk Subscription brings you closer to Autodesk technical experts through a variety of community-centered features. Exclusive webcasts, training opportunities and event “red carpet” treatment allow Autodesk Subscription customers exclusive contact with the people who make the products.

  • Subscription Center
    The Subscription Center is an online application available only to Autodesk Subscription customers for the management and administration of subscription contracts. This online tool is designed to simplify license management and reporting to boost your productivity. The Subscription Center includes a variety of exclusive community features and simplified processes for renewing contracts and adding users.

  • Beta Program Pre-qualification
    As an Autodesk Subscription customer, you are automatically pre-qualified for our exclusive beta programs. Be among the first to experience new products and provide critical user feedback to Autodesk programmers in the exciting process of software development. Our beta programs allow you to become part of the process that ensures releases make sense for your business and solve your professional problems. Autodesk Subscription customers can directly influence future product development and have unique opportunities to network with Autodesk technical experts and customers worldwide.

AutoSketch 10


AutoSketch software provides a comprehensive set of CAD tools for creating precision drawings—from electrical details to floor plans, from conceptual sketches to product specifications and much more.

AutoSketch software provides a complete set of CAD tools for creating professional-quality precision drawings. A series of tutorials get you up and running fast. A Microsoft Windows XP–like interface provides a familiar environment for straightforward drafting. Content libraries give you the simplicity of ready-made, drag-and-drop content. And DWG format compatibility means you can create and share industry-standard drawings from the get-go.

AutoSketch Gets the Job Done

Architects, engineers, contractors, illustrators, designers, and hobbyists use AutoSketch to create

  • Conceptual sketches

  • Architectural drawings

  • Technical illustrations

  • Electrical drawings

  • Product specifications

  • Informative graphics

  • And much more

Drafting Productivity

Straightforward drafting tools get and keep you productive. For starters, a wizard automatically steps you through the process of choosing the most appropriate symbols libraries, drawing scales, and toolsets for your drawing type. No matter what your drawing background or your need, you can create accurate, professional-looking drawings fast with a feature-rich toolset that includes

  • Customisable grids and construction guidelines

  • Associative dimensioning

  • 3D special effects, including extrusion and transformation options

  • In-place text editing

  • Automatic snaps and locks that align objects precisely and hold them in position

  • Powerful pan and zoom capabilities for moving in, out, and around your drawing

Drag, Drop, Draw

Save time by using predrawn content from the Content Librarian. Content includes

  • Kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom symbols

  • Decks and landscaping icons

  • Architectural graphics

  • Mechanical parts

  • Plumbing and electrical symbols

  • Hatch and fill patterns

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