Intel's Quality and Performance Tools are included in its Product Suite offering, however these applications can be purchased separately. Below see Intel's best in class quality and performance tools that deliver proactive error checking, innovative threading assistant, identification of multicore performance bottlenecks and crucial memory and threading defects early in the development cycle.

Making the Move to Quad-Core and Beyond

Why multi-core processors represent the future of computing.

Intel Inspector XE

Intel Inspector

Intel Inspector XE enhances developer productivity and facilitates application reliability, by effectively finding crucial memory and threading defects early in the development cycle. It gives detailed insights into application memory and threading behavior to improve application reliability. Intel Inspector XE makes it easier to find latent errors on the executed code path. It also findsintermittent and non-deterministic errors, even if the error-causing timingscenario does not happen. In addition, developers can test their code moreoften, without the need to use special test builds or compilers.


Memory and threading error checking in one tool for serial and parallel code

Get everything you need in one easy-to-use, proactive tool to quickly and effectively find memory and threading errors during the development cycle. Help reduce support cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Maps errors to the sourcecode line and call stack

Enhance developer productivity and efficiencies by simplifying and speeding the process of detecting and fixing coding errors.

Intuitive GUI provides common look and feel across Windows* and Linux*

Maintain dynamic analysis usage continuity for cross-platform development.

Supports serial code and multiple threading models

Enhance serial and parallel application reliability.

Supports a wide range of development languages

More application reliability-enabling solutions for: C, C++, Fortran serial and parallel code on Windows* and Linux*, plus C# .NET parallel code on Windows. Intel Inspector XE integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 2008, 2010.


Making the Move to Quad-Core and Beyond

Article from: Technology@Intel Magazine, December 2006. Why multi-core processors represent the future of computing.

Multi-Core Processing

Software Sea Change: Multi-Core Processing Opens Innovative Business Possibilities. Article from Intel Software Insight magazine, September 2006.

Intel Parallel Advisor


Intel Parallel Advisor is an innovative threading assistant for Microsoft Visual Studio* C++ developers that identifies the areas in serial and parallel applications that can benefit most from parallelism. This unique threading tool provides step-by-step recommendations to simplify, demystify, and speed parallel application design and implementation. This threading assistant is ideal for those new to parallelism and those with some experience parallelizing applications, as well as architects managing development teams. Intel Parallel Advisor is part of Intel Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.

Simplify the threading of your applications

  • Get step-by-step guidance for modeling threading in your applications

  • Make better design decisions by analyzing threading proposals

  • Model parallel code to applications at points of greatest impact

  • Get a clear roadmap for threading your application

  • Save time, increase productivity, and speed time to market

Empowers architects with threading design insight and analysis for best results

With the Intel Parallel Advisor workflow approach, you get guidance and the tools for the best approach to implementing parallelism and exploiting the power of multicore.

Intel Parallel Advisor analyzes the executing serial program as developers work through the methodology.

  • Survey Target - Focuses on the hot call trees and loops as locations to experiment with threading

  • Annotate Sources - Inserts Intel Parallel Advisor annotations into your sources to describe parallel experiments

  • Check Suitability - Evaluates the performance of your threading experiment by displaying the performance projection for each parallel site and how each site’s performance impacts the entire program

  • Check Correctness - Identifies data issues (races) in the threading experiment


  • Migrate serial applications to parallelism and take threaded applications to the next level

  • Speed time to market

  • Enable feature-rich applications

  • Use with any C/C++ application

  • Take advantage of interoperability with Microsoft* and Intel Compilers

  • Find solutions for applications that are not easily threaded

Intel Parallel Amplifier

Intel Parallel Amplifier 2011

Intel Parallel Amplifier is threading optimization software that simplifies finding multicore performance bottlenecks without needing to know the processor architecture or assembly code. As a Windows* performance profiler, Intel Parallel Amplifier removes the guesswork and analyzes performance behavior in Windows applications for quick access to scaling information and faster, improved decision making. Fine-tune for optimal performance, ensuring cores are fully exploited and new capabilities supported. Intel Parallel Amplifier is part of Intel Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.

Optimize Performance and Scalability

  • Intel Parallel Amplifier is an intuitive performance profiler for both serial and threaded applications.

  • Hotspot analysis locates the bottleneck and calling sequence.

  • Concurrency analysis highlights hotspots with underutilized cores.

  • Locks and waits analysis finds synchronization object performance issues.

  • Compare results from multiple runs

  • Access low overhead statistical call-tree profiling

  • View profiling results on your source.


  • Quickly find multicore performance bottlenecks without needing to know the processor architecture or assembly code

  • Tune for performance and scalability

  • Benefit from integration with Microsoft Visual Studio

Intel Parallel Inspector


Intel Parallel Inspector is proactive error checking software that helps ensure C/C++ application reliability on multicore. It rapidly provides root-cause analysis for crash-causing threading and memory defects by monitoring the runtime behavior of the code. Intel Parallel Inspector then maps those errors in an easy-to-understand manner. This capability is especially critical for nondeterministic errors, (i.e., where the execution sequence changes from run to run), that are difficult to reproduce. Intel Parallel Inspector is the fastest, most comprehensive latent multithread error checking tool for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005, 2008, and 2010. Intel Parallel Inspector is part of Intel Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications.

Catching software defects early in the development cycle can save you time and cost, and increase your ROI

  • Get memory and threading error checking in one tool for serial and threaded code

  • Support multiple threading methodologies

  • Work on standard debug build

  • Map errors to the source-code line, call stack, and memory reference


  • Enjoy application reliability and quality

  • Find latent memory errors, such as memory corruption and leaks

  • Accurately pinpoint latent threading errors, such as data races and deadlocks, in threaded code

  • Work with standard debug builds

  • Run Intel Parallel Inspector on any functional serial or threaded application

  • Get related source locations and contextual information for easier problem solving

Intel VTune Amplifier XE

Intel VTune Amplifier XE is threading and performance profiling software for C/C++ and Fortran developers who need to understand serial and parallel behavior to improve performance and scalability. The next generation of Intel VTune Performance Analyzer, Intel VTune Amplifier XE is part of Intel Parallel Studio XE, the all-in-one parallel processing software for serial and parallel C/C++ applications. (Formerly Intel VTune Performance Analyzer with Intel Thread Profiler)   

As a software performance analyzer of Windows*and Linux* application behavior, Intel VTune Amplifier XE removes the guesswork by providing quick access to scaling information for faster and improved decision making. Fine-tune for optimal performance, ensuring cores are fully exploited and new processor capabilities are supported to the fullest.


  • Accurate performance data—Without data you are just guessing about the location of the performance bottleneck and can easily waste a lot of time.

  • Easy setup—We’ve added a number of pre-defined performance profiling experiments to the full custom capabilities of earlier versions of Intel VTune analyzer. This makes it easier to get great profiling information without needing to know microarchitectural details.

  • Powerful profile analysis—Getting good profiling data is only the first step. We’ve added a number of features like the timeline, filtering, and frame analysis to help turn that data into actionable information.

  • Tune threaded and non-threaded code—Identify the threads and synchronization objects that impact performance. See the distribution of work to threads and pinpoint load imbalances.

  • Low overhead—Collecting data always has a cost. Intel VTune Amplifier XE keeps the overhead low, making data collection faster and the results more accurate.

  • Normal production build—Use a production build with symbols from your normal compiler or assembler. No special builds are required.

  • C++, Fortran, assembly, and more—Use compilers from any vendor (Microsoft*, GCC, Intel) that follow platform standards.

  • Intel processors and non-Intel processors—Many of the profiling features work on both genuine Intel processors and compatible processors. Some features, which use the on-chip performance monitoring unit, require a genuine Intel processor for data collection, but the results can be saved and analyzed on any compatible processor.

  • Windows* or Linux*, 32 bit and 64 bit—Both Windows and Linux versions are available. Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server, RHEL, Fedora, and Suse. See the release notes for details.

  • Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005*, 2008*, and 2010* Integration—Integrate performance analysis into the Microsoft Visual Studio environment or run standalone.

  • Linux: No root privileges required—Root privileges are not required for basic performance analysis. Installation of the driver for event-based sampling (EBS) requires root access, but it can be done later if needed.

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