AccuRate Sustainability is the fully featured software package developed by CSIRO for rating the energy efficiency of residential building designs.

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Little Green Island, QLD

This case study is an example of a fully autonomous house that uses no mechanical cooling, generates its own electricity, harvests rainwater and recycles wastewater.

AccuRate Sustainability

AccuRate Sustainability contains all the functions of earlier versions of AccuRate, but also has a series of additional features including streamlined and simplified data entry and more assessment modules to save time, improve productivity and broaden the services you offer. AccuRate Sustainability has an annual subscription pricing model and included support. The added flexibility and depth of functionality ensures AccuRate Sustainability sets the software standard for residential sustainability assessors.

  • New modules for hot water, lighting and water use. These allow assessors to add value to their business by offering clients valuable sustainability information, in addition to the regulated heating and cooling assessment

  • Thermal bridging capability.

  • Automatic calculation of roof/ceiling zone. Speed up the assessment process by having AccuRate Sustainability calculate the volume of the roof space.

  • Automatic zone volume calculation. AccuRate Sustainability no longer requires assessors to manually enter volumes for regular shaped rooms, this removes a common source of error and simplifies the rating process.

  • Ability to mirror building. Assessors can quickly change orientation and flip the building to speed up assessment of multi tenancy units, apartments or large housing projects.

  • Simple roof type selection. AccuRate Sustainability comes with a new roof calculator which takes care of the laborious manual work in calculating the roof space for common roof types. This tool increases assessor efficiency and consistency.

  • Included support All license holders receive access to construction libraries, technical support and software updates. Premium support is also available for purchase.

AccuRate Sustainability Embodied CO2 Module

With the co-investment from Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA) and CSIRO’s National Climate Adaptation Flagship, an Embodied CO2 ( ECO2) emission module has been developed and integrated for AccuRate Sustainability.
This module (in beta version) is now available for evaluation in the demonstration edition of AccuRate Sustainability.

What does the module indicate?
The “Embodied CO2” here is defined as the total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused from resource extraction, transportation, manufacturing and fabrication of a product or system (cradle-to-factory gate).
The establishment of an ECO2 module provides AccuRate Sustainability users with a tool for assessing the impact of ECO2 when using various construction materials and is one step further toward a broader life cycle approach in building sustainability assessment.
Emissions from the construction, operation & maintenance and the end of life disposal phases of the building life cycle were not included in the current ECO2 module implementation.

It is intended that this module be used:

  • by building assessors, to provide assessments of ECO2 emission impacts of material choices;

  • by builders and designers to allow them to assess the ECO2 impacts of different house designs and assist them in their design process to minimise CO2 emissions (e.g. towards the ‘zero carbon’ home);

  • by the building design and construction industry to undertake assessment of different materials to achieve an improved environmental performance; and

  • to assist government and regulators in assessing the impact of taking a broader life cycle approach to building sustainability assessment.

How can I access the module?
The following instructions apply to current users of AccuRate Australian Edition or assessors who do not have any AccuRate product installed on their computer. Users who already have AccuRate Sustainability installed, should contact Hearne Scientific Software for further assistance or download the following trial to a different computer.

Installing the AccuRate Sustainability demo
To trial AccuRate Sustainability with the ECO2 module, please first download this AccuRate Sustainability demo.
Note that this demo version of AccuRate Sustainability will run indefinitely. However, as the product is intended for evaluation purposes, it only contains data for one fictitious climate zone.

Activating the ECO2 module within the AccuRate Sustainability demo
Once you have installed the program, you will need to obtain the .lib file to activate the ECO2 module.
To access this:

  1. Click here to download the file EmbodiedCO2CSIRO_2. Save this to your computer & remember the location for later reference.

  2. You have downloaded the file, right click on it and select to ‘copy’ to your clipboard

  3. Go to your AccuRate Sustainability program folder and locate the folder named “Lib”. The default location for this file is C:\Program Files\AccuRateSustainability\Lib

  4. Paste the file EmbodiedCO2CSIRO_2. into this directory.

For assistance with this, please contact us.


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AccuRate Reviewer's Guide

This academic paper highlights the functionality of AccuRate and the theory and assumptions behind its modelling engine

CSIRO AccuRate Presentation

Presentation at the ABSA National Conference 2008 by Dr Dong Chen CSIRO.

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